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With Ford making limited "mid trims" that go between the GT and Cobra why not make an SVO now that we have a 2.3T again?

  • 350HP 2.3T from the Focus RS - A tuned 2.7T v6 could be used to make closer power to the GT like the original SVO, but the 2.3T feels like it should be the engine used.
  • 3.73 rear
  • GT or GT350 brakes
  • Ford Racing suspension
  • Short shifter
  • 9in wide all around(like the GT)

Would make a fun car IMO. Give it a price just under that of a moderate spec GT.

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Already a svo

My ecoboost is already handling like a svo. Stock it has all the suspension, sway bars and big brakes as the GT mustang. With a programmer it will pump up the HP to 340 and torque to 380. Seeing as it is 230 lbs less weight than a GT it will be a surprisingly quick ride for 8 grand less than a GT. It has the 6 speed auto with paddle shifters, very quick shifts in sport mode and track apps so they are fun to play with also.


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