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Hey guys! I've been seriously debating doing some weight reduction for my 2018 Ecoboost. I know some people do things like rear seat deletes, front seat changes, aluminum/carbon fiber driveshafts, carbon fiber steering wheel, subframes, and lightweight batteries.
I have already done some weight reduction on myself over the past couple of years (from 215 to 160 lbs), so I feel that I've done all I can do unrelated to the car itself.
I daily drive my car and use it at the drag strip (maybe track driving in the future). I sometimes transport one person in the front seat, but not in the back seats, since most people can barely fit there. I would still like to be able to retain some of the practicality of the car, like being able to put some weight in the back seats (such as heavy groceries). I would also like to be able to use my heated seats and heated steering wheel.
I currently race in Fort Myers, FL, and Bradenton, FL. I'm thinking of moving near Raleigh, NC for a job in two years, where I would still do drag racing and daily drive my Mustang.
What are your guy's part recommendations, for the previously mentioned weight reduction items, for my specific lifestyle?
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