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Want X-Plan pricing on 2015 Mustang? Buy Ford stock!

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You need to own at least 100 shares and have owned them for 6 months prior to purchase.

Yes! Ford Offers ?X-Plan? Pricing for Shareholders!

F: Summary for Ford Motor Company Common Stock- Yahoo! Finance

Trading at $14.02 at the time of this post. So use this option to buy about $1500 worth of Ford stock, and get that money right back to you as a discount 6 months later on your new Mustang Ecoboost! Sounds good to me.
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Interesting, ford seems to be doing good so far, hopefully that's what their stocks show.
Always wanted to get into stocks, maybe this will be what i start with.
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That's a pretty good incentive for people to buy Ford stock. I get x-plan through my work, but I know a few people that would like to have x-plan. I'll have to tell them about this.
It sure is, great win for Ford, get people to buy stock and buy a product from them and with that a repeat customer ;)
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