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Videos Show Off 2015 Mustang's Aerodynamics and Convertible Technology

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Two new videos here from the Ford Motor Company on its new 2015 Mustang. The first video focuses on the new Mustang's aerodynamic development and testing. It shows how the 2015 is more fuel efficient that the current model. The video mentions that the EcoBoost Mustang will feature active grille shutters.

This second video is about the tech behind the 2015 Mustang COnvertible. There are some subtle styling modifications when compared to the fastbck and there is also a new soft top that allows for more trunk space. The new convertible system is twice as fast and quieter than the one on the current Mustang.

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Love these video's, i just wish it was longer. I bet there's much more they can go into detail on
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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