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Top Gears Take...

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One of the first European tinted reviews...

Right. The big news is that the Mustang gets an independent rear suspension for the first time (if you don't count the SVT Cobra). But that is just the beginning of the handling story for this car. It's not going too far to say that this chassis is one of the best Ford has ever produced, anywhere in the world.

In the spec we'll get in the UK - which in the US would require optioning a performance pack - this Mustang is fabulously neutral, controlled, amazingly well damped and exactly what you want underneath you. It's a tiny bit harsh on some bigger bumps, but road noise is low, the steering is direct - especially in Sport mode, one of three switchable choices available - and it's a lot of fun to drive
when it comes to handling the Euro's know a thing or two...

First drive: the new Ford Mustang - BBC Top Gear
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When will they get it live in their show ? Then we will get all secrets unveiled...and get a reliable point of view...

Sure they'll like it !
good review on it.
but like the rest i'm more interested in what their test drive video of it is, along with future models like the GT350. Along with that, what it's like compared to the competition
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