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The Ford Mustang is heading to Africa and the Middle East

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"The all-new Mustang is out of the stable," Jim Benintende, president of Ford Middle East & Africa, said in a release. "The Mustang is uniquely Ford and has a huge fan base in the Middle East -- the second largest market outside North America."

"Today, we are accelerating the introduction of our new products in Middle East & Africa," Benintende said. "Middle East & Africa spans Saudi Arabia to SOuth Africa, and from Nigeria to Kenya, so customer tastes are as diverse as our markets. Thanks to out One Ford plan, we can offer vehicles and technology that customers want and value, tailored to the needs of our markets."

This year Ford combined the fast-growing North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa and Middle East regions into a new business unit.

"The total Middle East and Africa car market is expected to grow 40% by the end of the decade to 5.5 million vehicles," Benintende said.

Ford will introduce 25 new vehicles by 2016 in the Middle East and Africa region. The Mustang will arrive next year.
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that's some good growth for them to be doing, seems like with them doing that it will push them even higher up the list of being the top producers.
Are they going to produce any of the Mustangs in Africa or the Middle East?

I also wonder what countries in Africa specifically the Mustang will be sold in.
I can only say : accelarate Europe first..

Or ship them through Antwerp, Rotterdam or even Marseille harbors and leave some behind...
Middle East should read Dubai, maybe Saudi Arabia... you think they're selling Stingers to Iranians and Afghani's? ;)
Can't wait for those guys to get them, we'll get to see some epic saudi drifiting with them :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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