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Car had 26,000 miles on it and spun a rod bearing! Thank goodness it was covered under warranty! I will say i bought the car slightly used so it may have been abused by its previous owner. I always treated it gingerly. I have had it for 5 months and already had 2 oil changes. I was at a small intersection when it was my time to go. I punched it a little bit and it started that clanking sound before the trans even shifted out of first. Automatic transmission car! Turbo didn't even kick in yet! Never done a burnout in it or abused it in anyway. Im sure the previous owner had some fun with it as it needed tires shortly after purchasing it. The Ford dealer i took it to was amazing to deal with. The car is actually still there! They will have had it almost a month by the time she comes back home. The bearing disintegrated and the metal shavings got pumped through the engine. There was metal in the cam journals. New long block from Ford is on it's way. I'm glad they aren't trying to rebuild it.

I'm not sure if i want to keep it after this. I think i will and just look into getting an extended warranty when the time arrives. I had always wanted the 5.0 but settled because this is a daily driver. I wanted better milage but now, with this event, i'm thinking this little motor might be a bit fragile. Obviously i have no idea what was done to it before i got it! Might have been redlined many times. I can envision long parking lot burnouts! I'm not sure if that kind of stress would take 6 months to finally blow or not. Anyway, it's a beautiful car. I absolutely love it. Just concerned as i wanted to have it a long time. Long time meaning 10 plus years. Now i'm worried about this little turbo 4 when it comes to longevity. Regardless, i hope to have it back next week. My lesson learned here is when buying used, make sure the previous owner has all the oil change records. If not don't buy it! It's a real pain to hunt those down and if it wasn't for my fantastic Ford dealer, i may of had to eat this. They literally called the previous owners looking for the info.

Enjoy the pics!


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