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When Ford created the retro styled Mustang, they did a masterful job capturing the performance, excitement and image of the original models from the late ‘60s and early’70s, but without any chrome on them. The chrome is not that popular today, but back than it was a must-have for every sport car or sedan. The rich look and deep shine of thick chrome on bumpers and trim parts was a fixture on cars of that era, but today almost every car wears nothing but paint and black trim.

Now, thanks to Retro USA, you can separate your car from the ordinary grocery getters and make your modern muscle machine look more like its forebears, with brilliant, shiny chrome! They have created Chrome Kit that can become the ultimate nostalgic makeover for your Mustang. It includes front and rear bumpers, rocker panel Moldings and quarter Moldings. All parts are easily installed with 3M™ attachment tape and sold separately.

Fitment Notes: Will NOT fit California Special, Shelby GT, or Shelby GT 500 models.

Plus now you can save cash on the purchase of shiny chrome tuning parts by Retro USA with our special offer!

We realize it's not everyone’s cup of tea. But let us know what do you think about it?

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Looks good in these pictures, but I would have to see some more photos and see it in real life to decide if it is worth it. Definitely could be a useful tool in the box when you are looking to customize and make your Mustang your own.
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