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So here is what I am thinking of doing to my Convertible Ecoboost Convertible, want to get any opinions from those that have walked before me.

When it becomes available for the 2018, the Ford performance calibration kit:


I have 3.31 gears, so thinking of moving to the 3.55

And the final item:

Ford performance by Borla Touring exhaust:


All I am looking to do is get a modest increase in power, that is delivered a little more smoothly across the power band, along with a deeper exhaust (not trying to sound like a V8, as that will never happen and after driving the Coyote V8, the sife said '**** no')

Does the upgraded exhaust add any performance, or just sound? I really just want free flowing exhaust, a little deeper, but definitely don't want to sound like a civic with a coffee can muffler.

Does this seem like a decent path to go down? Should i wait until the ford performance tune becomes available before i start anything?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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