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The 2015 Mustang saw many changes to it to make it more aerodynamic than its predecessor. These changes include a beefed up material and structure of the convertible top, added grille shutters to accompany its EcoBoost engine and dropping the mirrors off the front pillar. All these changes were made in an effort to reduce drag and wind noise.

The Mustang will be the first Ford vehicle with front-wheel aero curtains on the outer part of the car's front fascia. The curtains guide air across the front wheels. And the driver and passenger mirrors in the new Mustang have been dropped from the front pillar to the door to eliminate the vortex-like swirling wind that beats against the windows. And the active grille shutters, coolant temperature and climate control open and shut automatically based on vehicle speed.

These changes worked too. The 2015 Mustang is 3 percent slipperier in the wind. In real terms, that means a 1 percent boost in highway fuel efficiency.
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