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Hello and as the title says I’m wondering if these wheels and tires will fit on my 2017 ecoboost, they are the AM gt500 style wheels I’m more concerned with the rears fitting they are 19x10 with a +45mm offset and 7.2” backspacing. These where meant for the sn197 btw I know the pattern is the same but what about lugs anyway sorry for formatting I’m typing this from my phone so...

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Stock info....

Year: 2017 EcoBoost
Wheel Size: 7.5x17, 8x18
Optional wheel Sizes: 8.5x19, 9x19, 9x20
Lug Pattern: 5x114.3
Stud Sizing: M14x1.5
Center Bore: 70.5mm
Offset: 35-52.5mm
Max Wheel Size:22 inches

Will S197 rims fit a 2017 ecoboost? Yes, but it's possible you may have to use a different lug nut based on the rim style.
Will 10.5 inch wide rims fit with a +45mm offset and 7.2" backspacing? Sorry... I have no idea.
A 10.5-inch wide rim on the rear can handle tire sizes between 275-315.

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