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Hello all, my name is Les and a true Ford Oval Lover. I've owned 11 Fords over the years. My family has owned the same Mustang since 1965:

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

Which I enjoy on the track often. I've owned several Eco Boost products over the years and love them.

This forum has gone through some changes resently and has not been moderated on a consistent basis. Well, I'm here to change that. A little background, I've been Moderator, Super Moderator and Administrator on multiple Verticalscope, our site owners, for several years. I'm well versed on the forum software and can assist you with any issues. So if you see some not right, need help, see spam or any other issue please report here.

I'll be on the forum thru out the day but mainly in the evenings and will address any issues quickly.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone.
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Welcome, good to see ya around buddy.

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