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New member needing help

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Hey I own a 2016 Race red Eco Premium and am loving most things about the car so far. Having issues with windows getting scratched, paint chips easily, and sync music issues. I'm going to post my window scratch pics so please pipe in and help me out as to will Ford replace the winshield, and what is causing the scratches because I keep my car garaged and super clean and have only owned the car for a month. Also, only 3900 miles to have such trashed windows already worries me.


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First off... Welcome to the forum ironman023!

So... These scratches have appeared after you bought the car? Very strange. Doubt if it's a manufacturing defect. Something is causing those scratches though. I see you have pumpkin stickers on your windshield, can I safely assume you have small children around? Think they may be the potential source of the scratches?

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