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New member in Fort Huachuca

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Hey guys. Nice to be here. Just picked up a 2016 Triple Tellow with Performance Package. This is my 18th Mustang and so happy because I have never owned a new one before, always Fox bodies and a few SN-95s.
Look forward to gaining information I here and modding the car as soon as possible.
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Congrats on your purchase - your Stang is beautiful. Looks absolutely amazing....that color seems to break necks!

So, what upgrades exactly are you planning to do?
I want to everything it.

So far I have on,y done cosmetic changes- black pony in front and rear, painted calipers black, painted pony on center caps black, and black gorilla lugs.

Thinking of getting the roof covered in gloss black vinyl
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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