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Hi All,

I just thought I'd give a brief intro seeing as I've just bought my first Pony in the last month..

I've recently moved to the US through work, currently living in Seattle, and after a bit of deliberation, and some discussion with my awesome Wife, decided on an Ecoboost Mustang. I picked it up a little over a month ago - seeing as it is my first 'new' car, I was pretty specific about what I wanted. My spec was the Premium model, I need the satnav, as I'm still getting used to the area, and also wanted the leather seats, plus the dash looks awesome... The car I got actually had the upgraded stereo system, so that was just a bonus. I'm loving the look, the feel, and the drive is amazing. I'm a convert..! Oh, and I wanted grey, as it looks super cool in that colour... Apologies for my photographs - I need to take her out somewhere and get some proper shots, but you get the idea, I'm sure!

I'm looking forward to hanging out here,

Cheers, Ash


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