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The last quick car I owned was a Mazdaspeed3. The car I just traded was a Subaru Crosstrek. I got a 2017 ecoboost convertible(and yes no pics it does not exist but you will have to wait) with just under 15,000 miles. Price was $24000, which I think was a pretty good price and it was really nice and clean but the dealer had some bottom feeders clean the car so I have some swirlies to work on but other than that it was a nice black on black on black car. Trip home was about 180 miles and the car ran great. I had no idea what all the buttons and knobs did so did no play much. Acceleration was good but not the snappiness of the Speed3. First impression, I like this car. At 78 years young, I don't need a Roush and my partner has a 2015 Corvette for when I want to play with 450hp, lol.

Anyway I am looking forward to learning this car. May even autocross it but will do so bone stock. I autocrossed a Miata for several years and dumped a bunch of money in it and do not want to do that with this car.

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Welcome to the forum Paul!

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