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Hi, my fellow Turbo 'Stang owners! Got my baby girl, 'Tang-Tang', on Aug. 29, 2015. I love her! I get random people at least a couple times per week telling me what a beautiful car I have! :)

I'm definitely modding her up, but I pay for an extended warranty AND maintenance through Ford (everything but the wheels and LED lights are covered...oil changes, brakes, battery, shocks...even windshield wipers!), so I'm probably holding off on anything that will prompt Ford to void me, so I won't be doing a custom tune any time soon (though I would go with COBB AP3 if, or rather, WHEN I do!).

I did just order an MBRP Race catback exhaust -- it's one of the only exhaust systems for our EB 'Stangs that actually has 3" pipes that lead to 4 1/2" tips: stock exhaust and almost all the other big name aftermarket exhaust systems-- Borla, Magnaflow, etc.-- stick with the stock 2 1/2" pipes. It's well known these cars have almost NO noticeable sound, and while I know it will never, EVER approach the growl of the 5.0's, the 3" vs. 2 1/2" system WILL be a MUCH better and more noticeable sound! I also went with the 'Race' version over 'Street' for the same reason" Race/Competition is ALWAYS going to have deeper tone and more sound than ANY "Street" or "Touring" exhaust. I have really looked in to these and I went with this MBRP Race (with black tips to match my blacked out wheels and windows!) over Magnaflow Competition and Krona race exhausts. The MBRP wins because of the 3" pipes and straight-through mufflers. It's math and science: 3">2 1/2" all day, EVERY day! The fact that the MBRP was 1/2 the cost of these other systems is just the cherry on top! It's not cheaper because it's not well made/inferior, it's because MBRP is in Canada and they don't have to pay the high cost of doing business that these other U.S. based companies have to pay-- and pass on to you, the buyer, of course!

I will be adding an oil separator next. I might do CAI, but I have gotten mixed reviews from tuners and mechanics out here. Some say to stick with the stock air box as it is more efficient and less likely to cause problems. I am in the process of looking into it more. I'll post back when I find some definitive answers. If I don't do CAI, I will most likely at least change out the air pipe to a bigger size. I will also be getting a new Intercooler as the stock IC for our EB 'Stangs are pure garbage! I was advised to wait for the new Wagner EVO2 competition IC that is supposed to drop around Christmas. I was told they will sell for around $650. I heard that it will be pretty much the best you can get without spending THOUSANDS!

Down the road when money is less of a worry I'll go for the COBB AP3 tuner and probably an MRT 3" downpipe, and some other stuff. For now I'll hold off as to maintain that extended warranty I'm paying for.

P.S. You all have GREAT taste in cars, BTW! :D
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