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New 2016 from Maryland

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Ordered a 2016 several months ago and got it a couple weeks ago. It's blue with the performance package, manual trans and adaptive cruise control. Only options I cared for. Fun little car. I'm a little disappointed in the power it has and the horrid wheel hop/TB problem I've already experienced, but I know they mod well. It's just my DD anyway.

I'll be scouring the mod section to learn about the mods for these cars, but I probably won't be modding it until my other Mustang project is finished.

I also had it professionally detailed as soon as I got it with a ceramic protectant and thought I'd share a few photos. It's amazing how much better the car looks even from being brand new. The surface is as smooth as glass and the rain beads are HUGE. I barely have to touch the car up with a towel after driving it from a car wash. Highly recommend doing it.

Oh, and the OTHER "Mustang":

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