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Did you see the Need for Speed movie? I thought about it, but it didn't get very good reviews. I have been following the Need for Speed Mustang that has been promoting the movie though.

Now that the movie has hit theaters, its time for the Need for Speed Mustang to retire, and it is doing so by being bought up at the Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach auctions. One wealthy bidder ended up taking home the NFS Mustang for an impressive $300k.

The NFS Mustang is differentiated by its widebody kit, redesigned front bumper, more pronounced side skirts, new fog lights, and custom 22-inch Forgiato alloy wheels. Low profile wing mirrors, extended rocker panels and a twin-snorkel hood also set this 2014 Mustang apart.

“Director Scott Waugh challenged our team to give this central character enough personality and American masculinity to take on some of the world’s most exotic cars, just like in the popular Electronic Arts video game that inspired the movie. The new owner of this particular Mustang will take home a rare vehicle, and their bid will increase access to critical health care services.”

All the proceeds from this sale go to the Henry Ford health System.

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