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Wow, Never thought I would own a mustang at 48 was going to wait till 50 to get a Porsche ,I helped my son 19 get this 2017 Ecoboost 6 speed manual he never drove stick before I had the dealer deliver it home.
My son picked up stick pretty good every day I came home I looked at it man that is a nice car.last week I come home and my wife was would you want the mustang I was WHAT? my son has other plans and wants my Honda civic I was LIKE YA.So I am the new owner of a 2017 Ford mustang ecoboost silver on black and could not be happier ...I love it
Made room in the garage and have some small changes in mind and it will be awesome...

Took my wife for a cruise this Sunday Julian and Luguna mountains CA. Priceless.........


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