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Recently have been really wanting an ecoboost. I'm very particular and found the perfect one with all the packages, the right color, manual and everything that I was asking for and it took months for one to finally pop up on a lot, super hard to find around here.

From a reputable dealership---
The ecoboost premium with performance package has 34,500 miles on it and a super good price tag.

I understand all of the mystery things with "how well was it taken care of" etc etc and all of those things me nor anyone else has actual answers to, but would you say in general that is a lot of miles or do you think that is plenty fine in most cases and as long as everything checks out, i give it a go?

I'm strange in the fact that I don't do a TON of driving compared to most people. My first car had 25k miles on it used, and 5 years later has 60k miles on it. So in 5 years i put 35,000 miles on my current car.

Appreciate it!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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