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Mustang EcoBoost Reliability vs V6

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Being a turbocharged 4 cylinder that pumps out big power (for the displacement)

We can assume the turbochargers are doing lots of work by pumping lots of air into that engine? Wonder how reliability of the whole system will be like.
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The Ecoboost engine has been getting great reviews but it is hard to tell how it will do long term as it hasn't been around long enough. The last thing that Ford wants is people to have something to complain about with the new Mustang. it is their pet project, and you'd hope that all that time spent in development means there will be few, if any problems.
Well it's all new to the mustang. Have heard of the ecoboost engine in other line ups from ford but in a mustang this is something to keep an eye on. Looking forward to hearing some details about this particular engine.
I think in general though a turbocharger isn't going to last as long as the engine will
We'll have to see about that hard to say since this tuebo set up is still ratehr new when comparing to the faulty ones in the past. I really hope it does though.
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