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'Mustang EcoBoost' is the Official Name of the EcoBoost Model

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This is kind of non-news news, but I thought I would post it up here anyway. Ford has announced officially that the turbocharged four-banger 2015 Ford Mustang will be called the Mustang EcoBoost. From what I've read, the Internet has not been overly happy with the name.

Jalopnik says:

There's a lot of problems with the name Mustang EcoBoost. It's too jargon-y, it's too wimpy for a muscle car, it makes the Mustang sound like a hybrid, it doesn't fit with the other turbo performance cars in the Ford lineup, and it doesn't suit what the turbo Mustang is apparently supposed to be: a high-strung, high-performance coupe with copious turbocharged power and glorious rear-wheel drive.
Naturally, people have been putting forward alternative names for the Mustang EcoBoost. Here are some that I found. Feel free to add to the list.

- Mustang Turbo
- BOOSTang
- Mustang 2.3T
- Mustang SVO

etc, etc, etc...
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what do you call it then?
mustang 4 banger? haha

mustang turbo maybe?
mustang 2.0T? boring
Wasn't there talk of calling it the Mustang SRT?

I don't really dislike the name that they chose. I think that there is only so many things that you could call this model, and Mustang Ecoboost makes just as much sense and sounds just as good as most of the other alternative names.
Its consistent with their branding. F150 ecoboost... especially because the eco is not a package its an engine option. Its a non issue but jalopnik is the king of click baiting...
Don't need a name on it... If people ask, "it's a Twin-Turbo version", sounds good...but of course not as good as a V8...
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