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MAPerformance 2015+ EcoBoost Product Thread (Downpipe, Intake, Cat-back, Cobb Tunes)

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Good Day Enthusiast,

Many of you have seen our teaser pictures/videos in other threads, and some of you have even been to our facility to see what we are working on. I decided it was time to put everything in one spot for everyone to see the development of our products for the Ecoboost Mustang platform (EBM).

I am going to be sharing a couple pictures and videos with you below. In the pictures/video will be quick pictures of our finished products for the EBM so far. We will continue to do R&D on the EBM and release products throughout 2015, so keep checking back for new and exciting product development updates and product releases!

First up is our full Stainless Steel cat-back. Bent, and fabricated start to finish right here in Minnesota. Let's go over the features:

-304 Stainless Steel
-100% Mandrel Bent
-Available with or without resonated Mid-pipe
-Dual Muffler Outlet with 3.5" slash-cut tips
-Fully Tig Welded and Back-purged
-Stainless V-band Assemblies
-2 Connection Styles (Factory 2.25", and 3" MAP Downpipe)
-Made in the USA

Non-Resonated: $999.99 shipped
Resonated: $1099.99 shipped

We will be offering a pre-sale on these, please post below or send me a pm for pre-sale discounted pricing!

Now lets go ahead and touch on each feature. As mentioned it is a 100% stainless steel, made in the USA system. We source the raw material locally here in Minneapolis, MN which comes to us in straight sticks of 20 feet. From there we cut it down and mandrel bend the material in our facility.

The mid-pipe starts off as 3" , then will split with a Y-pipe to 2x 2.5". After the Y we are giving you the option to run 2x resonators or just have a straight connection to the dual mufflers with 3.5" slash-cut tips out back. I will post pictures of a non-resonated mid-pipe later today, for now there is a resonated version pictured below.

Every product we make in house is 100% Tig welded and backpurged during the fabrication process. This is done at every connection including the connection at the v-band assemblies. We chose to go with V-bands to make installation and removal a painless process. Not only do you not have to deal with nuts, bolts, and gaskets. You never have to worry about buying new hardware and gaskets down the road!

As mentioned above the exhaust will be available in 2 connections. If you are running a stock downpipe and are just looking to upgrade the exhaust, not a problem. We have a reducer that goes from our 3" mid-pipe to the factory slip-fit connection. If you decide to do our full turboback you will be provided with a 3" connection at the end of the downpipe, and the start of the cat-back. This connection will also be a v-band as you will see in the pictures below!

Sorry for the sub-par picture quality, I had to use my phone for pictures. Better pictures will be provided very soon as we build each unit for stock. The products in the pictures below have been ran on the street so there will be some slight discoloration/rain/snow.

Next up we are going to go over our downpipe offering, here is a quick rundown of the features.

-304 Stainless Steel
-100% Mandrel Bent
-Available in cat-less and catted (High Flow Metal-Core)
-3" Piping
-Fully Tig Welded and Back-purged
-Stainless Steel, turbo-lined flex assembly
-Stainless V-band Assemblies
-2 Connection Styles (Factory 2.25", and 3" MAP Cat-back)
-J-style O2 Sensor bungs
-NO Check Engine Lights
-Made in the USA

Catless: $499.99 shipped
Catted: $619.99 shipped

We will be offering a pre-sale on these, please post below or send me a pm for pre-sale discounted pricing!

Same process is followed as the cat-back in regards to manufacturing. Pictured below is our cat-less version, I will be posting pictures of the catted version later this week just waiting on results. The downpipe is also available in factory and 3" connections, so no worries if you want to stick with the factory exhaust or are already running an exhaust that has a factory style slip-fit connection, this will swap right in the factory downpipe's place. Our downpipe is 80% one piece, only has welds at the flexjoint, then again at the flanges on either end. Other downpipes on the market have multiple pieces of pipe cut and welded together, this runs a higher risk of cracking and failing later down the road.

Again, there is slight discoloration in the pictures below. It has been on the car for a couple hundred miles for testing purposes.

Now, we move onto our intake system. We have done about 4 different versions of intakes to see which one performs the best. We weren't looking for just peak numbers here, we were looking for good power gains throughout the whole power band, while keeping intake air temperatures down. All testing was done with the hood closed to simulate actual driving conditions as much as we could. Below is the finalized intake that hit all of our requirements. Again, a rundown of the features.

-304 Stainless Steel
-100% Mandrel Bent
-Available in brushed raw stainless, and wrinkle black
-3" Diameter
-Green Filter USA high flow filter
-100% direct fitment. Reuses all factory connections.
-NO Check Engine Lights
-Made in the USA

Brushed Raw Stainless: $239.99 shipped
Powdercoated Wrinkle Black: $284.99 shipped

We will be offering a pre-sale on these, please post below or send me a pm for pre-sale discounted pricing!

Again, same process as all our products. 100% stainless, mandrel bent, and made by our fabrication ninja's. We will be offering this intake in a RAW stainless steel brushed finish, as well as wrinkle black. Feel free to drop me a pm if you are looking for a custom color, anything is possible. The intake is one piece, no extra unnecessary welding. We cnc machined the breather bung, bov recirculation bung, and the intake air temperature sensor bung here in house. This allows you to run all the factory hoses and connections without problem. Making it 100% plug and play intake.

Other companies have been mounting their intakes to the front of the engine. From our testing we found that if you mount the intake to the engine it will allow the intake to move violently in the engine bay between shifts and take off and you run the risk of damaging the intake by rubbing on the body or headlight. We decided to mount ours directly to the body and allow the silicone coupler to absorb the movement from the engine. We use high quality 4-ply silicone couplers, so no need to worry about the coupler fatiguing over time. You will see were we made the mounting bracket in the pictures below.

Onto the pictures!

We will be working all this week to get individual showcase video's up of each product. The videos will show individual results for each item. For an example our downpipe video will show the results on a completely stock EBM with just our downpipe on it. It will go over the dyno numbers, sound, and other bits of information. We will do this for the intake, downpipe, and the exhaust.

Also this week, we will be finalizing our custom Cobb tunes which will be available for completely stock EBM's as well as EBM's equipped with our performance package which is all 3 products above plus Accessport. Any Accessport we sell will leave our facility with our custom tunes pre-loaded so you have the ability to upgrade to our package at a later date and already have the tune handy.

Below is a dynograph from our own 2015 EBM with all three products above installed. As well as an off the shelf Cobb Stage 1 93oct tune. This is NOT our custom tune, just straight from Cobb tune. I will be updating this thread with our custom tuning results as soon as they are available!

And here is our EBM's stock baseline on our dynojet dyno!

If you have any questions, feel free to post below or drop us a pm. We are open 9am-6pm (CST) M-F (1 hour lunch break from 12:30-1:30) for phone calls!

Thank you,
Adam Brunson
Sales Manager

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Hi, are you going to work with the snow performance stage 3 water/meth injection?
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video updates

if possible can you post a few videos?
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