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Lowering Suspension Kits by KW Suspensions for the Ford Mustang

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Are you building a track racer or do you just want better handling for your every-day ride? No matter what you drive or what you’re building it for, KW performance suspension parts will help you achieve this goals. KW Suspensions is the company, specialized in the development and manufacturing of high-quality coilovers and related suspension components for automotive applications.

KW Suspensions coilovers feature a twin-tube dampening design formed of an inner tubular element within an outer tubular element for superior performance. Currently KW Suspensions offers the following options for the Ford Mustang 2010-2014.

KW Suspensions® - Inox-Line Coilover Lowering Kit

KW Suspensions® - Clubsport Coilover Lowering Kit

All shock absorbers are a twin-tube dampening design formed of an inner tubular element within an outer tubular element. All springs are constructed with a multi-level tempering process (annealing, shot blasting, jigging, UV-test, phosphate coating, EPS coating) for optimal durability and minimized jigging characteristics. 100% street legal and German TUV approved.

Check out KW Suspensions Coilovers presentation here:

To learn more about all KW Suspension products follow this link: KW Performance Coilover Suspension Systems at

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Once a year annual Consumer Rebate!

Do not miss your chance to save your money with KW Suspensions Annual Rebate.

Purchase any KW coilover product and receive up to a $200. This promo is valid through April 30, 2015.

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