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Its long been accepted that success in motor racing often translates to showroom success. Perhaps thats why there are now new rumors that Ford will joining the F1 grid next year in some type of capacity. Especially with F1's new shift to Turbo power Ford could have an excellent opportunity to tie in Ecoboost with their F1 program.

The question does remain to be seen however if Ford will or would build their own engine from the ground up, the reason this is even a question is because Cosworth actually has a speced and deved F1 powerplant conforming to 2014 regulations, however Cosworth forwent this years circus because they wanted to partner with a factory team. Who has copious history together, oh Ford and Cosworth...

Gravel Trap: Is Ford set for a F1 return in 2015? | Racecar Engineering

Would that not be a great tie in with the Ecoboost mustang looking to carry the candle in Europe ;)
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