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Just Bought My Ecoboost

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Hey guys,
So I just bought my Ecoboost yesterday. It has the performance package and is a manual. Is this an okay car to learn stick on? I've driven stick a few times before but I'm not smooth yet. Today I drove about 40 miles in the car including the highway and I stalled a couple of times. I' not very smooth in shifting however and don't really know how to rev shift and getting from neutral to 1st and rolling is still kind of challenging. Am I hurting the clutch or engine or anything by stalling and not being smooth? Or should the car be fine? Also I can't find the HomeLink garage opener.. Is that only on the premium? Also I'm averaging only 17 mpg but apparently the fuel economy is off during the breaking period (~first 1000 miles) is that true? Also since im still in the breaking period what's the max that I should rev till?

Thanks guys
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Also the front end seems pretty high right? It's like an SUV haha
Oh also What is the AppLink? And what floor mats do you guys use?
The gearing on the car is pretty high if you are rolling to a stop I would suggest shifting to second then to neutral when you stop not first. The key to manual shifting is learning the sweet spot in the clutch that is depress the clutch and shift into first then lift off the clutch slowly until the car starts to move then slowly press the gas pedal. Once you learn this the stalling should stop. Eventually you'll be shifting so fast you won't be using the clutch. Practice makes perfect the more you do it the easier it will be. Good luck on your new ride and welcome to the forum.

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". Eventually you'll be shifting so fast you won't be using the clutch"

You can shift without pressing the clutch?
Yes, but learn the clutch first. You have to shift using the clutch out of first no matter what, but shifting from 2-6 is all about engine rpms. This is something you will learn through practice.

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I have the weather tech floor mats, I love how they cover the hole floor panel making vacuuming the car a breeze.

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Thank you! Also another question that I had (I know this may seem a bit naive but this is my first car) after driving it in the rain, and parking it in the garage, should I wipe the car down with a microfiber towel so that the rain doesn't leave any spots? Or do the towels create small scratches on the car?
wax it right and the rain wont stay.
Ecoobost stock seats??

Does the base ecoboost comes with automatic seats.. heated and cooled? Or do i have to pay extra for that option? I bought mine with the ricaro seats, but didnt realize until i left that it wasnt heated seats. If the stock seats are automatic and heated, then i basically wasted 1500 bucks.
Gradually you'll be moving so fast you won't be using the clutch i-465 black. Practicing to achieve perfection the more you do it the simpler way. Best of luck
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