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Hi every one!
I am having a huge issue with my 2006 bmw m5 e60 right now... The other day I went for a small drive and a bunch of errors came up on my idrive engine malfunction, increased emissions, Dcs malfunction, start up assistance, ect... Any ways so this all popped up soon as I flashed it up.. It was a really rough start and then went into limp mode and now only had 4500 rpm it was very limited and stayed in limped mode even when you turn it on and off.. I don't drive my m5 very hard at all... Any ways so I get it home and I hook it up to my code reader and these are the codes that come up and I need help from you guys letting me know if I need to buy a new throttle acutator or what because I have no clue what's wrong with my beast... These are the codes and even after I clear them they always come right back so here is what the reader shows every time I read it....

2b21 throttle-valve actuator pre-drive check, bank 1
2b57 air-mass sensor, plausibility
2b5b throttle valve fault status, bank 1
2796 throttle actuator-test, lower stop

Do I need to buy a new actuator for bank1 ???? I found a used one on ebay for 250$ and the guy assures me it won't throw any codes should I buy it and bring it to a shop to have it swapped out... Will this fix my issue and get my baby outta limp mode??? I need help guys I'm clueless when it comes to this stuff I'm just shooting in the dark... Please respond quickly I need to order this now if it is it... Also what other things could it be or other surprises should I expect
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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