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Perhaps in similar vein to the relationship the 5.0 and 3.5 share in the F150...

Our EcoBoosted future of Ford Performance | TheMustangNewsTheMustangNews

With the coming CAFE standards which will choke displacement like the hangman’s noose, big engines with more cylinders are gonna become more scarce. It’s not a myth, but a fact slowly coming from behind and showing itself across the landscape of high-performance cars.

Rumors are just now starting to swirl around the Ford Performance realm that the Mustang V8′s days could be numbered. Whispers just this week at the Detroit Auto Show say a GT500 could come and with it the last V8 Mustang produced, with future high-end performance coming from EcoBoost four and six-cylinder engines.

The Ford GT with its carbon fiber light, its Formula One performance from such humble hardware as a twin-turbocharged V6 will be Ford’s new halo car for a reason. It will be the marketing sucker punch that proves a large V8 isn’t necessary to blow your mind. It’s because it’s the way of the future.
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