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How Ford Made the Mustangs Interior Better

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1. Imprinted in Mustang DNA since 1964, this double brow creates symmetry that is the antithesis of a driver-oriented cockpit.

2. Aluminum legs were inspired by the 1967 Mustang and are evidence that Ford was willing to spend some money.

3. The upper door panels on the old car were unforgiving plastic. Now they’re soft vinyl.

4. This cutline makes it easy to replace the upper trim for midcycle updates or special editions. “It gives us the opportunity to make it softer if we can get some new developments,” Letson says.

5. In the outgoing Stang, aluminum accents wrap around the steering-wheel rim right where your thumbs rest. They’re cold in the winter, hot in the summer, and hard no matter the season.

6. Stashing the knee airbag in the glove-box door reduces the dash’s depth by almost four inches, according to Letson, creating additional kneeroom for the passenger.

7. In right-hand-drive markets, the ignition button sits on the opposite side of the toggle switches. This otherwise symmetrical grouping means left- and right-hand-drive cars can use the same center-stack trim panel.

8. A hand on the shifter used to mean that your forearm rested on your 32-ouncer and your elbow hit the hard release latch for the console. In the new car, the cup holders shift to the right and the release latch moves to the side.

9. This aluminum “wing” is the anchor of the design. The trapezoidal cuts on the upper and lower edges mimic the shape of the dash brows. In the previous Mustang, a similar line separated the center stack from the climate vents.

10. The design team built several scale models to understand how the aluminum, vinyl, and plastic parts should overlap here for the tightest fit.

11. The slimmed-down shifter is the result of customer feedback.

12. Letson calls these large, round analog gauges “an inviolable” on the Mustang.

13. The outgoing car used a tall, narrow heritage font in the cluster. The aviation theme means that legibility was a priority for the 2015 model.

14. The seating position isn’t much different than in the previous car, though you’ll swear otherwise. The telescoping steering column, carved-out center stack, and shallower dashboard all make for a more spacious, sportier feel.

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