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Hi is just added a sub , and for some reason i still get fake engine noise coming through my rear speakers. I have already disconnected both ANC Mics in the car, the one under the light amd one behind the back headliner. Someome told me it might be bc my mew amp has a lot of power. Id there a way to cut the Fake Noise for good, it gets really bad when i rev my car or plant my foot on the gas.
Well disconnecting the mic in the rear headliner should have disabled the Active Noise Control for the most part. If you've still got noise coming through your system and you're running and aftermarket amp is it possible the amp is not grounded properly?

Sooner or later the "tuners" out there will figure out how to disable this feature in the PCM I would think.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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