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I have a 2018 PP with OEM "summer only" tires.
I live and drive in NYC tri-state area year round; I commute 65 miles round trip daily.
I do have an "extra" car, a 1999 Camry, but I've never particularly loved it in the snow.
I am resigned to having to buy winter tires for the car.
Im trying to figure out the best option, the choices are:

1. Just buy a new set of high performance all season tires (cheapest); my winters are sometimes terrible but most often not all that bad, back in the mid-1990s I made it through 3 winters with a Miata.
2. Full set of full snow/ice tires and have them mounted at my local shop and then reverse the mounting in April (mid-price).
3. Full set of devoted wheels and snow/ice tires and I can change them out in December and April in my driveway (most expensive, most effort, but best for driveability and not having OEM wheels beaten up).

Anyway, decision time is about 6 weeks away and I appreciate input or other options.
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