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Greetings. Introducing myself because I hope to soon join the ranks of ecoboost owners. I've had a mazdaspeed 3 for years and took up and down the roller coaster of power and mods. I ended up getting to 425 whp with it on a GT3076r and it became less fun to drive. It was like driving an angry bull with a lit fuse in its ass. It was quick but it was hard to drive under normal conditions. Couldnt take the lady out in it. All you would hear is spool and catless exhaust. I then bought a BMW to balance out the garage and I actually like the BMW. It was coming down to getting a new 328I with their turbo 4 until I was on the highway and a silver 15 mustang passed me looking great. I went to the dealer the next day and I was shocked at how the interior grew up. I like buttons and electronics so the features were real nice. It has about 97% of what my BMW has so I cant say I will miss the luxury.

I sold the Mazda a few months back in preparation to get a new car some time this year. Just couldnt really commit to it yet. I've been through the mazda scene pretty deep, done some really extensive research with direct injection turbo motors and I'm a good source for general knowledge. I dont know what changes ford has done to their 2.3 but I know the MS3 sure had a lot of FOMOCO stamps on parts. Probably about 30% of the hard engine parts and 50% of the sensors and such were ford branded. They cant be to far apart. I know how they make power, how they break, how they leak/blow by, and a few other things that keep them happy.

Sorry for the long intro but I tend to get deep into topics of interest and im going to dissect this mustang before I pull the trigger on it. for the price of it though its hard to argue. apparently in my area dealers are having a hard time selling a 4cyl mustang which means they love offering deals on them. It works out for me either way. I get to have another 4cyl turbo car that no one really liked at first and I get to be one of the few if not the only one in my area to mod it right. Not looking to go crazy but the normal, intake, dp, and BPV on a nice AP tune. Maybe some coilovers to settle it down right. Once I figure how the HPFP on these handle the DP and upped boost I'll start figuring out a solid plan. First I guess I need the car. Looking forward to seeing what you guys are up to in this world.

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Good luck finding a good deal on an Ecoboost. There are plenty out there and if you shop around there are some good deals to be had. I got 4K off MSRP at my local dealer for my wife's '16 Ecoboost.

Just a warning... this forum is not very busy. It has no moderators and little traffic. One of the biggest posters on here is a spammer.

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