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Greetings from indy

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I recently purchased a new 2016 "ecostang" last week. I have to say I'm extremely excited to start the build. Im going to be doing some modifications over the next year and will post what I'm doing. However I do have a question I would like some feedback on. What inter coolers are you all choosing in your rides? I'm torn. Look forward to hearing your feedback.

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Welcome IndyEcoStang! Congrats on the new 2016 "ecostang"! I had a 2016, but never modded it. I just got a 2017 and am debating what I can install without voiding the warranty. Good Luck with the mods and have fun with the Stang!!
Not sure if you noticed or not Mike, but the post above you're replying to is 2+ years old. I doubt if we'll see a reply from IndyEcoStang.

Oops...I should probably pay attention to the dates from now on :)
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