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Choosing the right tires that can handle any weather and road conditions throughout the year is one of the most important decisions you can make. If you live in a mild climate and don't need the actual snow tires, then all-season tires would be your best bet. They are designed to provide optimal grip in most of the weather conditions throughout the year and provide safe braking performance.

Unlike regular tires, all-season tires offer good tread life, quiet ride, and year-round performance. The number of tire options on the market can be overwhelming, but we decided to showcase some of the most popular all-season tire options among our customers!

#1 Kumho Ecsta


- Heavy sipe density and large cross grooves expel water quickly, improving snow and wet weather handling
- The directional tread design is shaped to avoid uneven wear and delivers excellent steering, cornering and braking in all-season conditions
- The variable pitch shoulder blocks reduce road noise throughout the life of the tire
- Advanced design technology and balanced tread compound achieve the ideal blend of all-season traction and high mileage performance

#2 Michelin X LT A S


- MaxTouch construction for maximized tread life and enhanced handling
- Michelin Comfort Control technology to decrease road noise and vibrations
- Engineered to meet the highest standards of performance and quality

#3 Yokohama Avid Touring S


- Tri-Plex tread compound provides increased tread life and improved traction
- Tapered rain channels work in tandern with circumferential grooves to accelerate weter evacuation for optimal wet traction
- Cross traction sipes create more biting edges for better traction and handling in wet or wintery conditions
- Twin rail stability rib offers better on-center feel and minimizes pattern noise for a smoother ride

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