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The Ford Mustang has been called the ultimate stunt car by one of the world’s best drivers, Ben Collins, who is the former Stig from Top Gear.

In a new documentary about Collins called Ben Collins: Stunt Driver, the Hollywood stunt driver and racing driver subjected a bunch of different cars to an array of high-speed challenges and chases to find the best stunt car, and the 5.0-liter V8 Mustang came out on top.

'The point of this adventure was to find the perfect car for an epic, high octane, Hollywood-style car chase, and it’s the iconic Ford Mustang that gets top billing,' Collins said in a press release. 'Mustang has starred in many a classic car chase during the past 50 years, and is still the stunt driver’s weapon of choice to leave the bad guys standing in a cloud of tire smoke.'
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