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Ford is bringing a whole bunch of exciting Mustangs to the SEMA show in Las Vegas -- more than a dozen! Companies like Galpin Auto Sports, Petty's Garage, and MRT are all involved in these custom Mustangs.

The Galpin Auto Sports Mustang will celebrate the Mustang's 50th anniversary. It has a black and gold motif that is very much on trend. Gold rims, badges and brake calipers, as well as other gold details make this mustang look super luxe. It also gets some performance upgrades too. The 5.0-liter V8 engine gets a Whipple supercharger and puts out 725 hp!

The other previewed Mustang was worked on by Petty's Garage. It wears Richard Petty's signature blue paint and the number "43". That's about all the info we have on that car right now though.

The SEMA show will be on from November 4th to 7th so pay attention to see more awesome Mustangs there.

Ford Previews First Two Modified 2015 Mustangs for SEMA ? News ? Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog

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