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Ford Mustang Featured in '80s-Themed Dance Video

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Its a very strange marketing campaign for the Mustang, but i am a fan. The music video stars the 2015 Ford Mustang and a number of '80's aerobics video dressed dancers. The dancers have a boys vs. girls dance-off, and its pretty entertaining.

The video does show the new Mustang at a number of different angles, so it does an okay job of advertising the Ford Mustang too. If they were going for something viral, I think they did a good job.
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Strange but it does capture your attention since it's not like the typical automotive marketing we're all used to, likely this will be a commercial you remember unlike some others.
i just dont get what it has to do with a ford mustang lol
Likely nothing at all, but it's probably what their aim was, to throw in something that throws people off, not following the norm, thinking outside of the box.
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