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Hello all!

I just got my new pony today and I'm beyond excited about it! Of course while in finance they gave the whole pitch with different protection plans. Long story short i agreed to the lowest plan for an extra $60 per month, which originally seemed crazy to me. The gentleman explained that this included repair of anything that happens on the vehicle for 6yr/75K miles (Excluding tires). So this would include breaks, wipers, calipers, roters etc. I still thought it seemed like a lot.

The gentleman stated the break pads are approximately $900 for all 4 due to being high performance pad. He also said the 15K mile service is approximately $700 due to transmission fluids and stuff. I normally don't even look at these plans but if the service is in fact that expensive, its worth a thought.:eek:

My question is, is anyone able to confirm the cost of the services and if this indeed a good option or not? If not, I have 60 days to cancel without any penalty or payment.

Thanks in advance
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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