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Do you think this is totaled? To me it seems it could be getting close to being totaled
Look where it was hit. Low, like it hit a fire hydrant or something. I'm sure it got all the way back into the engine. Certainly the K-member is gone and the frame rails have been pushed together. Can it be fixed? Sure, but it'll take some time to gather the parts. Unless it's really cheap and you've got a year or so to put it back together, probably not worth doing anything with.

I would like to find a Performance Pack dash and gauges for my car eventually though. The one thing about the PP that I really wanted. The suspension can be even better once Kenny Brown releases his stuff.
Well they are parts that would have to be ordered from Ford, shouldn't be that bad considering it's a mustang and the sort of volume a vehicle like this is expected to get.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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