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You just bought all new 2015 Ford Mustang, completely stock, refreshed and upgraded. But there is always a part of you, that wants to personalize the ride. If this is about you, why not to start with what you see when you’re behind the wheel? Interior dash kit would be a great solution!

B&I® has been serving the Auto Aftermarket worldwide with quality interior and exterior trim for over 23 years. They offer Interior Dash Kit for 2015 Ford Mustang, that would be a perfect way to make a drab standard vehicle interior inviting and attractive.

The high quality, perfect fit, easy installation and a choice of a wide range grain wood and carbon fiber attractive finishes make it easy to create an individualized and luxurious vehicle interior.

Check price and see other details for your model here: 2015 Ford Mustang Dash Kits

View the schematic of the dash kit:

All materials (except real metal) are covered with a protective, scratch and UV resistant GemFLEX™ clear coat with a gloss or matte surface. You can find the right color for your interior with this link: B&I Materials

Nice addition to your vehicle, isn't it?
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