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HI! I'm in bit of a bind with my car.
I noticed it started overheating one day when I got to work and a message popped out. When I got out of my car to check what was going on I found the car had leaked out all the coolant. Before that happened I had noticed for about a week the a/c wasn't cooling, it would turn on but not cool at all. Then the situation with the coolant happened. (I was about to take the car to get the a/c checked, but I couldn't since I recently moved)
Of course I didn't run the car for a bit and still haven't really been using it. Finally when I had time to dedicate to getting the car back to my home, I added water and ran it to see if there was some sorta leak. After running it for a long time, the water did not leak one bit. So after debating weather to risk driving it again or not, we decided to see how far we could get before we had to stop because of over heating (I live about 30 min away from where I work). To our surprise the car didn't show any sign of over heating, it did reach a regular temp but it did not pass the middle of the gauge.
So after some brainstorming we came up with the cooling temp sensor going out since after driving it back home the water we had put in didn't leak at all. So after fighting for 3 days with the car we finally change the temp sensor and come to find out that wasn't the issue since it was still heating up pretty fast but not to the point of over heating.
Upon further investigation we found the fans not turning on at all even when the a/c is on. So we went through trouble shooting and when we remove the relays and trouble shoot them they both turn on.
Since then I've had some amazing people who have lent me a scanner, to my surprise the codes refer to my turbo, the codes go as followed P0034: Turbo/Super charger bypass valve control circuit low, P0245: Turbo/Super charger wastegate solenoid A low, P144C: Evaporative Emission System Purge Flow Performance during boost.
I am at a lose of what it could be. If anyone can please help that would be very much appreciated.
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