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In the past if you mentioned Mustang to a BMW owner they would likely laugh and call you a drag queen, while you would get upset and go on a typical tyrannical rage against imports and the destruction of made in AMERICA. While useless and counter intuitive it did illuminate a glaring hole in the Mustangs marketability, how do you appeal to the people who actually build and live in saturation with said imports?

I suppose the EcoBoost Mustang is the fruit of those discussions. So with the limited specifications we have on the EcoBoost Mustang I thought we could have a fun little look at the EcoBoost S550 up against the new F32 BMW 4 series.

About the only concrete detail we can offer on the EcoBoost is on the engine...

EcoBoost Mustang:

2.3L Twin Scroll Turbo I4
305+ HP*
300+ ft-lbs*

*Projected numbers, Ford has not announced anything more official.

BMW 428i

2.0L TwinPower Turbo I4
240 HP (US) 245 HP (Europe)
255-lb-ft (US) 258 lb-ft/350 Nm (Europe)

Now I would love to provide a power to weight comparison of both cars as well, but Ford has not released official weight figures on the EcoBoost Mustang. Do you think the EcoBoost Mustang will be able to top the 428i in terms of Power to Weight?
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