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Hi Everyone - I received my ecoboost about 1 month ago. I was not aware that there are so many diffirences between the US and European versions of the car.

I previously owned a BMW M3 and I got it programmed to enable many of the functions that was disabled by default. On the BMW forums there were people that logged into the car and gave me a list of options that I could get changed.

I am struggling to get the same done on my Ecoboost - when I search for programming it returns results of tuning the car.

I would like to know if the day time runnig lights can be switched on permanently - the US version has an option for this on the software - the European one not.

I would also like to enable sequential indicators and a few other options. Do you maybe know of anyone who will be able to assist me.



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Hey EcoBoost! Welcome to the forum!

I know there are many things which can be enabled/disabled/modified in the car's computer system, but most of those things are engine or transmission related. Right now all of the services provided by custom tuning are more focused on creating more power and not so much on the creature comforts. You may have to wait a bit until the companies who specialize in these types of modifications are a bit better versed.

I do know I bought and installed a pair of tail light modules that modified the lights. I got them from here: Raxiom Mustang Tail Light Sequencer - Plug-and-Play 301042 (10-17 All) - Free Shipping
However I'm not sure whether they would be compatible with the Euro edition.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

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