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Diesel 'Stang?

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How would you feel about a diesel motivated Mustang?

*freak outs*

Well that is just exactly what Ford might do. According to powertrain chief Bob Bascetti Ford is considering Hybrid and Diesel power for the 2015 Mustang.

Due to the global nature of the 2015 Mustang S550 the tried and true V8/V6 split is not going to satisfy demand. They took it a step further with the EcoBoost 2.3L Mustang but even that demands another layer in fuel strapped Europe.

If vehicles like the BMW 4 series can offer a diesel in Europe I think it is arrogant and purist to assume the Mustang cannot as well. The Hybrid could be interesting if they gear it towards performance and not simply an efficiency play.
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The only way a diesel mustang would work is only in Europe. I can't see it going anywhere near north america. It just wouldn't... Think about what the V8 guys would have to say.
Would only work in Europe in my opinion.

But it might be worth a try in north america.
It might be worth a try but I wouldn't take the risk If I were Ford. I just don't think the majority would be interested in the diesel technology. It's a past trend and technology lets be honest. Diesel remains strong only out in the east where hybrid technology is started to rise in north america.
I don't think they will offer the diesel Mustang in the USA, but it makes sense for Europe. I don't see why there is such an aversion to it. It would make the Mustang sound even more gnarly.
just stick to the 4 cylinder, v6 and v8 for now. we don't need even MORE options :D
just stick to the 4 cylinder, v6 and v8 for now. we don't need even MORE options :D
V10? V12?

But seriously Ford needs to get on that, either a V10 or V12 Ford supercar.
just stick to the 4 cylinder, v6 and v8 for now. we don't need even MORE options :D
Best bet is to stick with those. I don't think they can ever get rid of the V8 for the mustang. They would lose huge communities.
I don't think the Ford GT is coming back anytime soon. It would murder the CAFE ratings of the entire brand.

But I would so adore to see another reincarnate...
Ford GT with cylinder deactivation and electric motors for the city ;) and full V8 or up kicking in when up to higher speeds!
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