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Custom mesh and billet grilles for a new 2015 Mustang

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Hi everyone,

great news for lucky 2015 Mustang owners! One of the coolest aftermarket grille manufacturer's T-rex has just released new custom mesh and billet grilles for the S550 Mustangs (2015) and they are already available at CARiD!

It's a great way to personalize your Mustang and make it stand out from the crowd, because a grille is a face of your car.

So there are 6 new grille designs available for your choice!

Below we listed top 3 options out of 6!

Check the rest styles on our website: 2015 Ford Mustang Billet Grilles at
And let us know which one of all 6 do you like more?
* Please post your option in the comments below!

T-Rex® - Upper Class Series Polished Mesh Grille

T-Rex® - Laser Horizontal Black Billet Grille

T-Rex® - Upper Class Series 3-Window Partitioned Polished Mesh Grille

The installation is not complicated, detailed instructions come in set, so if you have some basic tech skills, tools and few hours of spare time - it will be absolutely possible to do DIY.

Check the full selection of grilles for all Mustang models here

Read more about the T-Rex brand on our website: T-Rex® Grilles | Billet, Mesh, X-Metal, Torch Series -

And hey, keep following us for some new 2015 Mustang products, we already have a few more cool releases for you!
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We want to thank you guys for sending us pictures of your Mustangs with installed upgrades.
Here is one of the latest submissions from a forum member:

Ford Mustang V6 with a T-Rex black Billet grille

* Check out our site if you want the same grille or PM me directly!

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Wish there wasn't a big border around the grill...
Another RaceMesh Grille for 2016 Ford Mustang is here - 2-Pc Three-Chamber Version Gothic Style Black Mesh Grille!

This replacement grille includes Main and Bumper Grilles. They completely replaces factory grilles and come ready to install. he fine wire mesh of a RaceMesh grille will prevent most debris from getting past the grille, preserving your A/C and cooling system.

RaceMesh® - 2-Pc Three-Chamber Version Gothic Style Black Mesh Grille

*Every RaceMesh grille is "made to order" and requires approximately 30 days to produce.
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My favorite is the horizontal billet in silver. (Not many cars have too much chrome on them for my taste.)
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