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Custom fit Nitrous system for Mustangs + FAQ

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NOS is one of the most effective ways to improve the power of a car. Insane acceleration is achieved with a help of direct injection of nitrous oxide to the engine, however we all know that such a tremendous amount of extra power can be dangerous for the engine. Plus the installation of such unit is highly complicated.

Of course it's correct if we talk about competition series dragsters, but there is a different kind of NOS systems for street legal cars.

Here at CARiD we offer complete NOS kits for many Mustang models. The kits are custom for certain engine types and can be installed by local mechanics who are specialized on performance upgrades.

Here is an example of a Custom Nitrous kit for Ford Mustang 3.7 / 5.0 GT
JMS® - Dry Nitrous Kit

Ford Mustang 3.7L / 5.0L 2015, Dry Nitrous Kit by JMS®. All kits now include a free upgrade to the JMS Progressive N20 controller (PN: NOS-6021)[email protected] on 18" radials, Gain of 135rwhp.

Choose a nitrous kit for your model here: Nitrous Oxide Systems at CARiD

Certainly there are some things that you need to know about Nitrous:

- How does nitrous work?
- Will Nitrous affect engine reliability?
- How long can I hold the nitrous button down?
- Will I have to re-jet my carburetor on my car when adding nitrous?
- Are there benefits to using nitrous with turbo or super-charger applications?

Find the answers to these questions in our Nitrous FAQ List at CARiD!

Check out Mustangs on Nitrous on YouTube videos:



What is your opinion on the Nitrous?

If you need a quote - please let me know what is your Year/Model and shipping zip code, I will be glad to provide you with all necessary information!
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