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Coverking has already become a synonym of high-quality car covers in today's automotive world. Their extensive product line includes various car covers for any budget, climate zone and aesthetic needs. We continue to review some of the most popular Coverking products and our new video is dedicated to their Mosom Plus Car Cover. If you live in moderate and rainy climates without common snowfalls, it will work perfectly for you. This cover will protect your Ford Mustang from scratches and dings as well! Our tech expert Greg will tell you more about its multi-layer structure, benefits and installation details.

Choose Coverking Mosom Plus™ Gray Custom Car Cover at


- Comes with Coverking's standard 2 mirror pockets, with hood ornament pocket
- Designed to protect your vehicle in the rain, light hail and snowy conditions
- Manufactured using Coverking's unique double-stitching and waxed thread technique to virtually eliminate leaks
- Special elastic tensioners in front and rear to hold the cover firmly in place
- Precise CAD design to ensure perfect fitment on specific make, model and year vehicle
- Backed with 3-Year Warranty, the product will be replaced or repaired if it fails under normal use.

Visit this page for all Coverking Seat Covers, Car Covers, Sun Shields, Dash Mats at

In case any questions appear, please contact me directly in PM or comments below or call directly at 800-505-3274!​
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