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Order books in Europe just opened and now for the first time in its 50 year life, the Mustang is heading out on a road trip. Ironic that the car most symbolizing freedom has never left home!

This week Ford kicked off the Mustangs continental circus in style, the first 100 export S550's we're loaded onto the car carrier Morning Calm in Portland, next stop, Mainland China. You can track the Morning Calm here

Ford expects that exports to Europe will begin somewhere in the middle of 2015. Their logistics arm, Ford Trading Co. ships export cars from one of 8 ports in Oregon, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey and California. European cars for example will head from Flat Rock to their departure point in Maryland.

"Preparing these vehicles for shipment to their final destination is critical to satisfying both customer and regulatory requirements for our markets around the world," said Gerald Schoenle, director, Ford Trading Co. "We want our customers globally to know that their Ford vehicles will meet emissions, safety and road-worthiness requirements."
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