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By the slimest of margins, considering 2014 sales were obliterated by a year of waiting for the 2015 cars, pretty good all things considered...

Chevrolet just recently announced US sales figures for December, 2014, revealing that dealers sold 6,628 units that month, up 32.2 percent from the same month in 2013. That pushed US sales of the pony car up to an impressive 86,297 units for the year.

Meanwhile, the phasing-out of the fifth-generation Ford Mustang predictably led to a sales slump through most of 2014 for the Camaro-fighter, but the numbers picked right back up as soon as the new 2015 Ford Mustang hit dealer lots in November. By year’s end, the pony car had sold 82,635 units – just over 4 percent less than the Camaro.
Chevy Camaro Outsells Ford Mustang In 2014 | GM Authority
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